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Superior Cruises

La Vela Classic

La Vela Cruises has been operating since 2008, and has seen countless guests come and go that have had their expectations exceeded by the Halong Bay experience we offer. Responding to the growing need for high-end but reasonably priced Halong Bay cruises, La Vela has seen astonishing progress built on an excellent reputation.

In 2016 La Vela came under the management of Paradise Vietnam, the market leader in Halong Bay luxury cruises. This most recent stage has brought La Vela cruises to the next level, as we have entered into Halong Bay’s leading cruise group to reflect their unrivalled reputation for quality services and a premium experience.

Cabin amenities& facilities (all cabins)
- High-quality wooden and bamboo decor
- Air-conditioning
- High quality 8 layers bed (Double:180cm x 200cm. Twin: 90cm x 200cm. Extra bed: 90cm x 195cm)
- Fresh flowers
- Telephone
- Wooden wardrobe
- Safety equipment and life vests.

- La Vela Classic offers an optimum cruising route that takes you to the main highlights and most scenic parts of Halong Bay.
- Offering afternoon cooking classes, guests will have a chance to learn more about Vietnamese culinary art and self prepare some signature Vietnamese dishes right on the cruise sundeck under the instruction of our expert chefs.
- A wide range of exciting on board activities are also included: early morning Tai Chi, kite – flying for children, squid fishing, spa services & beauty treatment.
- Providing the utmost in safety is a primary concern, and the cruise ship is fitted with modern navigation and safety apparatus, while the cabins have fire extinguishers, alarm systems and life jackets.


Dining on board La Vela Classic takes you on a tour of fusion cuisine that combines Vietnamese and Western cooking styles. Our menus are a blend of superb Vietnamese cuisine and fine Western food, offering dishes for all tastes and preferences. Among the pleasure of a Halong Bay cruise trip, gastronomic experience is always worth looking forward to. For breakfast, enjoy a buffet of Vietnamese noodle soup dishes, eggs cooked to your liking, Western breads and pastries, and fresh tropical fruits. Lunch, served from 1-2.30pm, and dinner, served from 7-8pm, is a wonderful highlight aboard the La Vela Classic, taking you on a culinary adventure across Vietnam with a few Western touches as comforting reminders of home.

(Schedule and menus subject to change without prior notice)​

V’Spirit Classic Cruise

Glory Legend Cruise

Aclass Legend Cruise