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Luxury Cruises

Paradise Luxury Cruises

The Ship Design

The Paradise Luxury Cruise is the first of its kind in Ha Long Bay. Inspired by the traditional junk boat with a rustic touch of classical designs and wooden details, the cruise sets itself apart from all the boats in the bay; creating a charming space whilst guests watch the spectacular views of the karst limestone formations and the emerald waters.

The Royalty Experience

Inspired by Hue's royal style, you will be able to enjoy an imperial feeling with the special themed dinner "Paradise Royal Dinner – Bao Dai Dinner". Dressed like kings and queens, you will enjoy sumptuous moments in the luxurious restaurants of Paradise ships. An authentic menu, designed for the occasion, with typical dishes from Vietnamese cuisine will make the celebration more impressive like in a royal palace.

Restaurant and Bar

The only Ha Long Bay ship that offers royal banquets, get dressed in robes fit for a king and a queen and feel like a true loyalty; indulge in a six-course meal; and get spoiled in an immense wine list carefully selected by a local sommelier.


The only cruise in Ha Long Bay to offer world-class spa facilities that comes with its own very own floating spa, a sumptuous haven in which to forget about it all while relaxing in the calming sounds of the emerald waters of the legendary bay.

Glamor Star Cruise

Galaxy Premium Cruise

Halong The Auco Cruise

Dragon Legend Cruise

Halong Starlight Cruise

Orchid Cruises